Molecular Devices SpectraMax M3

  • Different modes of detection :UV-Visible Absorbance (Absorbance), Fluorescence Intensity (Fluorescent), Glow Luminescence (Luminescent)
  • Ultrafast, full spectral range detection for cuvettes, 96-, and 384-well microplates
  • Applications – ELISAs, DNA/RNA Quantitation, Picogreen assays, Protein Assays, Enzyme Kinetics, Protease Assays, Fluorescent Proteins and FRET, Cell Viability and Cytotoxicity Assays, Reporter Gene Assays, Fatty Acid Uptake Assay, Neurotransmitter Transporter Uptake Assays, Membrane Permeability, Phosphotase/Kinase Assays, Microbial Growth Assays, Endotoxin Assays, and Low Volume Applications