Olympus IX 81

Motorized, inverted microscope designed for live cell imaging, time-lapse studies, and micromanipulation. Supports brightfield, fluorescence, phase contrast, and differential interference contrast.

Objectives:      UCPlanFLN 10x/0.30 Ph1

LUCPlanFLN 20x/0.45 Ph1

LUCPlanFLN 40x/0.60 Ph2

Filters:             GFP/AQUA: ex 425/40, em 505/40

CFP: ex 436/20, em 480/40

TRIT/Dil/CY3: ex 540/24, em 605/55

YFP: ex 510/20, em 560/40

Camera:           Photometrics CoolSNAP

Software:        MetaMorph