Cell Culture

The AGP Unit maintains a cell culture facility for animal tissue culture.  It is equipped with six CO2 incubators, four inverted microscopes, and two class IIA biosafety cabinets.  Two of the microscopes can view fluorescence, and one also features micromanipulation/microinjection.  Storage is available in liquid N2 tanks, -20 oC freezers, and 4 oC fridges.

Users must provide their own consumables, such as culture flasks, plates, and media.  Certification in WHMIS, Laboratory Safety, and Concepts in Biosafety are required for access to the cell culture facilities.  The courses are available online through Environment, Health & Safety.

For more information, please contact:

Heather Vandertol-Vanier
Biosafety Technologist
Phone: (780) 492-7659
Email: heather.vandertol-vanier@ualberta.ca