Many research groups in the department use AGP Unit resources.

Some are listed below:

Dr. Graham Plastow - Animal Genomics

Dr. Leluo Guan - Functional genomics and Microbiology

Dr. Changxi Li (AAFC Associate Professor) - Bovine Genomics

Dr. Carolyn Fitzsimmons (AAFC Assistant Professor) - Bovine Genetics and epigenetics

Dr. Heather Bruce - Carcass and Meat Science

Dr. Michael Dyck - Reproductive Physiology/Biotechnology

Dr. Paul Stothard - Bioinformatics

Dr. Ben Willing - Microbiota to promote health in livestock and humans

Dr. Ruurd Zijlstra - Ingredient Evaluation and Carbohydrate Nutrition

Dr. Masahito Oba - Feed Utilization/Dairy Nutrition

Dr. Divakar Ambrose (ARD Professor) - Reproductive Physiology & Management

Dr. Douglas Korver - Poultry Nutrition

Dr. Cameron Carlyle - Rangeland Ecology

Dr. Habibur Rahman - Canola Breeding

Dr. Stephen Strelkov - Plant Pathology

Dr. Nat Kav - Canola Biotechnology, Proteomics

Dr. Jocelyn Ozga - Biochemistry / Physiology / Horticultural Crops

Dr. Dean Spaner - Crop (Wheat) Breeding

Michael Gänzle
- Food Microbiology and Probiotics

Dr. Lynn McMullen - Food Microbiology

Dr. Lingyun Chen - Plant Protein Chemistry and Technology

Dr. Jianping Wu - Egg Protein Chemistry

Dr. Mirko Betti - Muscle Food Science and Processing

Dr. Marleny Saldana - Food/Bio Engineering Processing

Dr. Urmila Basu - Functional Genomics

Available Lab Equipment