Services and Pricing

Service and equipment fees can be accessed at the links below.  The price is based on that students/staff will process their own samples after receiving the training from the AGP Unit staff.  All prices are subject to change.  Additional charges apply for those external to the department and the university.  The bench space and training are extra costs.  Time may be reserved by signing up in 4-32/4-35 Agriculture/Forestry.  If you are a new user, please contact Urmila Basu first at, or by calling (780) 492-8712.

Self-Serve Pricing

The following prices are based on user-processed samples, and are subject to change.  Users are responsible for purchasing consumables and setting up reactions that are compatible with our instruments.  Time may be reserved by signing up in 4-32/4-35 Agriculture/Forestry Centre or by contacting Urmila Basu at or 780-492-8712.

For price estimates on anything that is not listed, please enquire with Urmila.  Discounted pricing may be available for large projects.  Consultation on experimental design and data analysis are also offered.

An initial set-up and training fee of $50-100 applies for all instrument use.

$130.00/full plate ABI Viia 7 (96- or 384-well block) $25.00/96-well plate

$30.00/384-well plate Quantstudio 3, 6 or ABI StepOne Plus (96-well block) $25.00/full plate Agilent 4200 TapeStation for RNA analysis, $8.00/sample

Qiagen QIAcube $10.00/sample GE Typhoon FLA 9500 imager $10.00/scan ABI thermocyclers (96-well) $20.00/plate NanoDrop (ND-1000, -2000C, and -8000) $5.00/15 min Microplate Readers (Spectramax M3) $5.00/plate Microscopes $10.00/hr, $40.00/hr for use with help Animal tissue culture facility Pricing variable. Contact for further details MiSeq sequencing $200.00/run MiSeq sequencing (2x300bp, paired end) $300.00/run