Plant Pathology

About the Plant Pathology Facility

The Plant Pathology Laboratory supports research on numerous important diseases of crop plants, including clubroot of crucifers, Sclerotinia stem rot of canola, and tan spot of wheat. This laboratory also enables research on a number of forest pathogens, and plays an important role in the training of undergraduate and graduate students.

The laboratory contains a suite of tools for plant pathology and related research:

  • Biosafety cabinet, laminar flow-hood, fume-hoods, ultra-violet inoculation chamber, and a large autoclave;
  • Temperature and light programmable incubators, walk-in refrigerator (4C) and freezer (-20C), and numerous other refrigerators and freezers, including a secure locked -86C freezer;
  • Thermocycler, gel electrophoresis equipment, microcentrifuges, pH and conductivity meters, computers, disease quantification software, and greenhouse and growth cabinet access;
  • Numerous compound and dissecting microscopes, as well as a fluorescence microscope and accessories

The Plant Pathology Laboratory also houses a large collection of fungal and bacterial plant pathogens, and is conveniently located down the hall from the Agricultural Genomics and Proteomics Unit.

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